ArabGU offers three classes of membership. The designation of such classes and the qualifications and rights of the members of such classes are as follows:

A. Regular Members

Membership of the ArabGU is open to all geoscientists and institutions engaged in teaching, research, application and development of geosciences in the world over with an interest in the purposes of the ArabGU.

B. Honorary Members

Based on approval by the majority of the board of directors, honorary membership will be bestowed on individuals who have made significant contribution to the advancement of the geosciences in general and to the Arabian-Middle East geosciences in particular. Honorary members have the same rights as regular members, but exempt from paying membership fees.

C. Student Members

This membership class is opened to any student pursuing a degree in geosciences from all over the world. Student members will have no voting rights and will enjoy reduced membership fees.

Membership Fees

Annual membership fees will be determined by the board of directors and approved by the majority of membership attending the ArabGU meeting. Membership fees are payable on the first month of the calendar year.

Admission of Members

Any individual or institution desires to becoming a member of the ArabGU shoul submit an application form accompanied with membership fees to the Secretary General. The Secretary General will, on behalf of the President, and after approval from the Board of Directors admit such individual or institution to the ArabGU membership.

Termination of Membership

A member of the ArabGU may be removed from membership on a majority vote of the board of directors for not paying annual membership fees, or because of ethical issues. Members also retain the right to request for their withdrawal from the ArabGU membership.


(only members who elected to show their info are listed here)
First_Name Last_Name Affiliation Current_Position Country
AmrKhalilBenha UniversityPhD StudentEgypt
FatmaEldosoukyBenha UniversityPhD studentEgypt
MohamedAbd El-WahedTanta UniversityProfessorEgypt
AbdulazizAbdulazizFaculty of Engineering - Cairo UniversityAssistant ProfessorEgypt
HatemAboelkhairDamietta UniversityLecturerEgypt
OmarMohamedMinia UniversityAssociate ProfessorEgypt
Mohamed Afife Benha universityAssistant ProfessorEgypt
Ramadan MahmoudCairo University Teaching Assistant Egypt
Rania Morsy Cairo UniversityAssistant LecturerEgypt
MoatazEl-ShafeiyCairo UniversityLecturerEgypt
HassanEL HadiUniversity of Hassan II Mohammedia ProfessorMorocco
Abdelouahed LAGNAOUIChouaib Doukkali University PhD Student Morocco
IsslamElhoussanyAin Shams UniversityStudent Egypt
GiselaDomejCardiff UniversityPhD StudentUnited Kingdom
Ali SolimanTanta UniversityAssociate ProfessorEgypt
AmalEnniouarChouaib Doukkali University PhD Student Morocco
AhmedELmestekawyBenha UniversityStudentEgypt
ManalGoudaBenha UniversityStudentEgypt
TasnemDesoky Benha UniversityStudentEgypt
AlyEldalshBenha UniversityStudentEgypt
MohamedZobaaBenha UniversityAssistant ProfessorEgypt
Osama KassemKing Saud UniversityAssociate Professor Saudi Arabia
MohamedYoussefDesert Research CenterResearcherEgypt
MagdiYousif SulimanSudan University of Science and TechnologyAssistant ProfessorSudan
MohamedAbu El GharFayoum UniversityAssistant ProfessorEgypt
Abdel-Aal Abdel-KarimZagazig UniversityProfessorEgypt
AmrAbdel-SalamEgyptian Geological SurveyGeoscientistEgypt
EssamAboudKing Abdulaziz UniversityAssociate ProfessorSaudi Arabia
Abdel MonemMoursiAin Shams UniversityAssociate ProfessorEgypt
SabahRamouzUniversity of TehranM.S.c Student in GeodesyIran
HassanKhozyemAswan Faculty of SciencesAssistantegypt
ThierryAdatteUniversity of LausanneSenior ResearcherSwitzerland
TharwatHassanMrMaster student Austria
MohamedABIOUIIbn Zohr UniversityPhD Student Morocco
OsamasallamNuclear Materials AuthorityLecturer of geologyEgypt
MohammedTawfikAl-Azhar UniversityStudentEgypt
MustafaMahmoudgeology department faculty of science Ain Shams universityfresh graduatedEgypt
ZERROUKSIHAMUniversity of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene Faculty of Earth SciencePhD studentAlgeria
Mohamed TharwatHeikalProfessor of Petrology and MineralogyProfessor of Petrology and MineralogyEgypt
HakimSAIBIDepartment of Earth Resources EngineeringAssociate ProfessorJapan
HasanAbuarabiaEconomic geology professor unvi. of Al MergibLibya
MohamedMohamedASEC company for Mining ASCOMGeology Section HeadEgypt
MohamedAttwaZagazig UniversityAssistant ProfessorEgypt
SidaliDoukkariLGGIP FSTGAT USTHBPhd StudentAlgeria
AbdelghanyGebaBenha University Graduate studentEgypt
Ashraf Abdelfattah Benha UniversityMaster studentEgypt
SamirMohamedProf.Dr.Prof. Engineering GeologyEgypt
GhaziKattuSaudi Geological SurveySenior GeologistSaudi Arabia
Prof. Dr. MohamedEl-SayedDamanhour UniversityVice-president for Education and Students AffairsEgypt
MohamedElhagKing Abdulaziz University Assistant Professor Saudi Arabia
OsamaKassemKing Saud UniveristyAssociate ProfessorSaudi Arabia
NehadAhmed SoltanAssiut UniversityMaster Studentassiut
Dr. Hafez SelimGulf of Suez Petroleum CompanyExploration Manager -ProfessorEgypt
AhmedSAYADRegional Centre of Education and training professions CRMEF FEZProfessorMorocco
MohandBERSIHouari Boumediene university of sciences and technologyPh.DAlgeria
Anas SarkerKing Saud UniversityStudent-ResearcherSaudi Arabia
SafaaHassanNational Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences Head of Geographic information systems division of Data Reception Analysis and Receiving Station AffEgypt
GADEl-QadyNational Research Institute of Astronomy and GeophysicsProf. of GeophysicsEgypt
ARRADYOUNESUniversity Chouaib DoukkaliPhD StudentMaroc
HatemHassangeology Department, faculty of Science, Port said UniversityAssistant ProfessorEgypt
HatemHassangeology Department, faculty of Science, Port said UniversityAssistant ProfessorEgypt
MostafaAliBanha university ResearcherEgypt
KhaledOmarNational Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics LecturerEgypt
ZOUBIRGACIHouari Boumedienne University of sciences and technology USTHB Algiers AlgeriaDoctorat Student Algeria
NadaAbdel-HakFaculty of Science-Cairo UniversityAssistant LecturerEgypt
Enas AhmedEMRADr of Vertebrate paleontology at CGMEgypt
MoustafaMogahedBenha UniversityLecturerEgypt
SyeduddinBirbal Sahni Institute of PalaeobotanyJunior Research FellowIndia
AUGOUOvo Sandrine FloraUniv Felix Houphouet Boigny StudentIvory Cost
AUGOUOvo Sandrine FloraUniv Felix Houphouet Boigny StudentIvory Cost
MohamedAliAswan universityStudentEgypt
AliHamdanAswan UniversityAssistant professorEgypt
MuhammadOUABIDPetrography-Geochemistry-Geochronology-MetallogenyPh.D. StudentMorocco
BassemNabawyNational Research CentreProfessor AssociateEgypt
AbdelKarimYELLES-CHAOUCHECRAAGResearch DirectorAlgeria
RichardErnstCarleton University- Earth SciencesScientist in ResidenceCanada
SERKHANEAhmedSciences and Technologie University Houari BoumedienPhd studentAlgeria
Abdel AzizTantawyProf. Dr.Dean Faculty of Science Aswan UniversityEgypt
ZinebSaoudiSonatrach Junior GeophysicistAlgeria
HamadaAbdelrahmanCairo UniversityAssistant ProfessorEgypt
MabroukHassanDrAssistant LecturerEgypt
SalihAwadhUniversity of BaghdadProfessor DoctorIraq
BetyAl-Saqarat The University Of JordanAssistant ProfessorJordan
HamadaAbdelrahmanCairo UniversityAsst. Prof.Egypt
MohamedElGabryNational Research Institute of Astronomy and GeophysicsAssociate PRofessorEgypt
RobertGexMSRobertGexMSMonmouth UniversityUniversity PresidentJapan
ACHOURMansourUniversity of Oran 2PhD studentAlgeria