ArabGU offers three classes of membership. The designation of such classes and the qualifications and rights of the members of such classes are as follows:

A. Regular Members

Membership of the ArabGU is open to all geoscientists and institutions engaged in teaching, research, application and development of geosciences in the world over with an interest in the purposes of the ArabGU.

B. Honorary Members

Based on approval by the majority of the board of directors, honorary membership will be bestowed on individuals who have made significant contribution to the advancement of the geosciences in general and to the Arabian-Middle East geosciences in particular. Honorary members have the same rights as regular members, but exempt from paying membership fees.

C. Student Members

This membership class is opened to any student pursuing a degree in geosciences from all over the world. Student members will have no voting rights and will enjoy reduced membership fees.

Membership Fees

Annual membership fees will be determined by the board of directors and approved by the majority of membership attending the ArabGU meeting. Membership fees are payable on the first month of the calendar year.

Admission of Members

Any individual or institution desires to becoming a member of the ArabGU shoul submit an application form accompanied with membership fees to the Secretary General. The Secretary General will, on behalf of the President, and after approval from the Board of Directors admit such individual or institution to the ArabGU membership.

Termination of Membership

A member of the ArabGU may be removed from membership on a majority vote of the board of directors for not paying annual membership fees, or because of ethical issues. Members also retain the right to request for their withdrawal from the ArabGU membership.