Mohamed Lotfi Abdel-Khalek (born 1927), emeritus professor of Geology at Cairo University, is the Chairman of the Geological society of Egypt and the former dean of the Faculty of Science, Cairo University (1981-1987).

Abdel-Khalek earned the Order of Science and Arts of the First Class and the State Award in the field of basic sciences, 2007.

B.Sc. Geology and Chemistry- Cairo University (with hons.), 1949

M.Sc. Geology- Cairo University, 1953

Ph.D. Geology- Cairo University, 1957

Associate professor in University of Pittsburgh (USA), 1966-1970.

Head of the Structural Geology Department, Faculty of Earth Sciences, King Abdul-Aziz University, Jeddah, K.S.A., 1975-1979.

Deputy of the Faculty of Science, Cairo University, 1980-1981.

Deanof the Faculty of Science, Cairo University, 1981-1987.

He authored 42 publications on the structural evolution of the Arabian-Nubian Shield and supervised 29 M.Sv=c. and Ph.D. thesis.

Prof. Abdel-Khalek and his team in Cairo University conducted several research projects and influenced significantly the knowledge of the tectonics and evolution of the basement complex of Egypt. Out of the many outcomes of these projects, detailed geological maps of Egypt and Sudan are magnificent pieces of science. 

Prof. Abdel-Khalek is still doing consultations and helping young researchers in the field of Strucutral Geology.