Written by Prof. Baher El- Kaliouby (Ain Shams Univ., Egypt)

Prof. Mohamed Kamal Akaad (1924-2011), Prof. of petrology and geochemistry at the University of Tanta, Tanta, Egypt, died after a long-lasting disease on 18th of July 2011 at age 87 in Alexandria. He was born on November 3rd, 1924 at Alexandria, North Egypt, where He grew up and lived there until his high- school graduation in 1944 at the age of 19. The larger part of his life he lived at the frontier between North and South Egypt. He began college at Farouk El Awal University (currently Alexandria University) in 1944, where he enrolled as a student of Geology. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree (B. Sc.) in special Geology with highest honors in 1948. Prof. Mohamed Kamal El Akaad had a career that spanned 60 years. During that period he rendered distinguished service to our country. He began his first professional career with Mobile Oil Company (1948-1950). He was employed by the Geological Survey of Egypt in 1950 as a field geologist. In the same year, he was sent by the Geological Survey to England to begin his graduate studies, thus beginning his life-long career in igneous and metamorphic petrology. His graduate studies were supervised by Prof. Herbert Harold Read at the Imperial College of Science and technology in London, where he received his Ph.D. degree in 1954. After promotion, he attended Ain Shams (1955-1958). From 1958 to 1968 he continued his career at the University of Assuit as a Lecturer assistant professor and professor, close to the Central part of the Eastern Desert, which is a window into the orogenic belt of the Pan African orogeny. In 1969 Prof. Akaad was transferred to the Faculty of Sciences, Tanta University, where he was appointed as the first Dean of the Faculty of Science (1969-1976) and later in 1976-1983 as Vice- president of Tanta University. From 1983to 1985 Prof. Akaad acted as president of Tanta University. In 1985he retired and became Professor Emeritus. Prof. Akaad received many high awards. He was awarded the Encouragement State Prize in Geology 1964, the Order of Science and Arts of the First Class in 1964, He also received Order of the Republic of the first layer in 1985, National Bank Award for scientific creativity in basic science in 1997 from the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology in 1997, and finally received the State Award in Science in 2000. He was a member and then Chairman of the Permanent Committee of the Geological Sciences for more than 25 years (1970-1995).  In 1957, He was involved in exploration for metallic mineral deposits (such as Iron and zinc) in the Eastern Desert. His report on the mineralized areas became the basis of more detailed studies. In 1960 he classified with Mahmoud Fawzy El Ramly the basement rocks of the Central Eastern Desert of Egypt. In 1969-1980 he mapped with Mohamed Abdel-Hamid Noweir central part of the Eastern Desert and reported about the geology and lithostratigraphy of the Arabian Desert orogenic belt of Egypt. He has left a bibliography of nearly 90 publications. Prof. Akaad has supervised more than 30 M. Sc. and 10 Ph. D. theses.

Prof. Akaad was highly engaged in many Egyptian and international scientific societies. He wasmember of the Geological Society of London, the Geological Society of Egypt and the International Union of Geological Sciences, Institut D’Egypt Le Caire, Egyptian Academy of Sciences and the council of basic sciences in the Academy of scientific research. Prof. Akaad was a most remarkable man, a very decent human being. He has left an indelible and illuminating impression on all areas of his interest, established unforgettably inspiring memories among all who knew him.