Mushroom-shaped landscape, one of the most unique and attractive geomorphologic features in Khoman chalk of the White Desert National Park, Egypt.

                      Author:  Ahmed Salama, General Director of the Western Desert Protected Areas, Egypt.

                      GPS coordinates: N   27O 20 56.41'  and E   28O 10 34.65'


Photo credit: Prof. Mohamed F. Sadek, NARSS (Egypt)





Pharaonic Inscriptions on some rocks exposed at Wadi Hammamat, central Eastern Desert, Egypt

Author: Prof. Mohamed F. Sadek, NARSS, Egypt



Boudinaged structure of a pegmatite vein in the gneiss-cored Hafafit dome, Eastern Desert, Egypt

Author: Dr. Farid Makroum, Mansoura University, Egypt

Sigmoidal volcanic pebble in a foliated siltstone matrix of the post-amalgamation, molasse sediments of the Wadi Hammamat basin, Northern Nubian Shield, Egypt

Author: Dr. Mamdouh Abdeen, NARSS, Egypt

GPS coordinates: 25°59' 05" N, 33°40' 31" E